Phillips Auto Service Centre Why Use Independent Servicing?

A recent independent survey revealed that almost three quarters of UK motorists prefer to take their vehicle to an independent local garage than a main dealers.

Many motorists cited low prices as the key reason for using an independent garage, but there was also a large element who stated that supporting local businesses was important. Some of these respondents were local businesses themselves who believed that there was an element of mutual business potential.

It also came across that motorists felt their independent local garages were more personal, honest, trustworthy and friendly, offering a more tailor-made approach than the one-size-its-all main dealers. Ease of access, word of mouth and the ability to talk directly with the person working on the vehicle were also given as reasons for choosing local.

We are often asked whether new car owners are obliged to take their cars to franchised dealers for servicing to maintain their new vehicle warranty. The short answer is no, they are not. Under the EU Block Exemption, which has been in place for many years, manufacturers are obliged to give a minimum of 2 years warranty with new vehicles. The are specifically not permitted within this to specify who carries out the servicing and maintenance.

However, they are permitted to lay out a service schedule and specify parts or lubricants that must be used to maintain their warranty. When servicing your in-warranty vehicle, you can be sure that Phillips ASC will take the utmost care to follow the maker's schedule and use only approved parts and materials.

Where this issue becomes less clear is in the case of extended warranty periods. Sometimes where a new car warranty of more than two years is offered,the period beyond two years is supported not by the manufacturer but by the importer or concessionaire. They are not always covered by the same requirements, so reading the small print is advisable.

Likewise, warranties offered on used vehicles can catch the unwary. These are not warranties as such but insurance policies issued by companies of widely differing nature who may or may not try to force a particular servicing option, depending on their allegiances.

If in doubt, please talk to us, we will be happy to go through the small print with you to make sure that you will be playing by the rules when you come to us for service.

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