Phillips Auto Service Centre Regular Servicing

Regular Servicing Full Service

Our skilled technicians will carry out your vehicle's full service in accordance with the manufacturer's schedule, using the best parts and lubricants available for the job.

Add to this our 'old school' approach to servicing being that of looking around your vehicle to highlight anything that may turn into a problem in future, rather than just going through the motions, which may happen in a more 'production line' servicing environment.

We pride ourselves on being thorough and seeing the manufacturers schedule as being a starting point rather than an objective. Contact us to find out more.

Regular Servicing Intermediate Service

At one time, intermediate services were built into every car maker's service schedule. Of recent times, with the competitive nature of the car market, service intervals have been extended over and over again by manufacturers viying to prove their products are the most economical to run.

However, cars still need attention, particularly if they are not used day in, day out. When standing still, fluids still break down, hoses still perish and water finds its way into all sorts of places.

If you don't have time to make the daily checks, or if your vehicle has been standing for a while, book an intermediate service and let our exprienced technicians check it over for your peace of mind. Contact us to find out more.

Regular Servicing Seasonal Service - Winter Once-over

Winter can give your vehicle a really hard time. With low temperatures, slippery roads and poor visibility all contributing to the hazards. To make sure you are ready for whatever the season has to throw at you, book in for one of our Pre-Winter Checks.

Anti-freeze concentration, windscreen washers, vulnerable hoses, tyres and heating system are all given a thorough inspection to highlight anything that could turn into a problem when the weather goes bad. Contact us to find out more.

Regular Servicing Seasonal Service - Spring into Summer

When spring replaces winter, it doesn't always mean that your vehicle is going to get an easier time of it. Summer is often the time when uncharacteristically frequent and long journeys are made. Collecting kids from College, family days out and holidays all add to the burden your car has to shoulder.

Additionally, if you are motoring abroad this year, this check takes in the legal requirements of popular motoring holiday destinations, so that you can be sure you are carrying the right items to stay on the right side of the law throughout your journey.standing for a while, book an intermediate service and let our exprienced technicians check it over for your peace of mind. Contact us to find out more.

You can help to keep your car in tip-top condition by making sure it is serviced regularly according to the manufacturer's schedule. Luckily, at Phillips ASC, we make it even easier to do this with simple online booking requests and efficient local collection and delivery service.

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